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April 28 – Drop in to the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley on Saturday, April 28, at 11:45 am where I will be moderating a panel entitled “Insider, Ousider: Do PIs or Cops do it Better?” With me on the panel will be a great group of mystery writers, including Cara Black, Candice Fox, Matt Goldman, & Rachel Howzell Hall. I’ll try to keep the peace between these impassioned panelists so that we all don’t get busted.

April 28 — come by the new bookstore Books on B in Hayward on Saturday, April 28, at 3:00 pm. I’ll be talking about Through the Bookstore Window with the charming bookstore owner, Renee Rettig.

May 4 — Be  sure to come to Sonoma for the exciting Sonoma Valley Authors Festival from Friday, May4 to Sunday May 6. This is a great new festival with an outstanding list of authors. My event for Through the Bookstore Window will be on Friday afternoon (check their website for time and location).

May 9An event for Through the Bookstore Window has just added for 6:00 pm at our Book Passage store in Sausalito. If you’ve never been to that store, you’ll find it right at the entrance to the Yacht Harbor — about one block from Poggio’s Restaurant, heading towards the water. (If you were at the Corte Madera event, you can come by anyway because I’m planning to read a different part of the book.)

May 14 — If you are in the Santa Cruz area on Monday, May 14, please drop by Bookshop Santa Cruz where I will be discussing Through the Bookstore Window. Our relationship with the Coonerty family, which owns that store, goes back almost 40 years, when we both started raising hell about protecting independent booksellers. It will be pleasure to be there with them.

May 24 — I will be at Laurel Book Store at 14th & Broadway in downtown Oakland for Through the Bookstore Window on Thursday, May 24, 6:30 pm. This is exciting! I was born in Oakland, and my first job was about two block away.

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Relentlessly Optimistic

I had the pleasure of sharing a stage on Dec. 4 with Khizr Khan for an author event at Dominican University. He is probably the most sincerely optimistic person I have ever met, and his enthusiasm is contagious. (If I knew the Pakistani word for mensch, I would insert it here.)

Hold the Presses!

When a book suddenly becomes a major news story, local news services often run to their local bookstore to see what the story feels like on the ground. That was the case with Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury when the news hit the fan on the first weekend in January. That’s when this photo began its journey at Book Passage.

Who Needs Publishers & Bookstores? Just about Everyone

An idea has taken root in certain quarters that publishers aren’t necessary. And for that matter, who needs bookstores? According to this facile argument, they’re both relics of the pre-internet days that get in the way of writers and readers. This is a misguided idea.


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Through the Bookstore Window

Through the Bookstore Window is a novel that explores the grim effects of war, gun violence, and sexual abuse. But it is also a story about love that transcends age, gender, background, and – perhaps – the readers’ expectations.

“Bill Petrocelli dares to reveal in his searing new novel Through the Bookstore Window both sides of the ambivalent power of recollection. His lionness-hearted heroine, Gina Perini, survives the minefields of tribal memory in vengeance-torn Bosnia, only to have the terror follow her to a bookstore she opens half a world away, in San Francisco.”

Phil Cousineau, author of The Book of Roads and Wordcatcher

“It’s a rare mystery that can deliver so much in the way of pure emotional resonance. Bill Petrocelli’s Through the Bookstore Window is such a book. This is a thriller with a heart.” 

Janis Cooke Newman, author of A Master Plan for Rescue

“Bill Petrocelli knows books and bookstores. He also knows how to write a compelling, provocative, meaningful novel that will sweep you from San Francisco to Bosnia and back again, delivering chills, suspense and some profound thoughts on the power of love.”

Kelli Stanley, award-winning author of the Miranda Corbie series and City of Sharks

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“Wounded by War, Saved by a Bookstore”

Book Review

by Muriel Dobbin, a former White House and national political reporter for McClatchy Newspapers and the Baltimore Sun.

“Bill Petrocelli has written an often bleak but poignant account of a woman’s tragedy focusing on her desperate attempts to escape from the unspeakable. It is remarkable that she displays determination to elude terrorist killers after fleeing a vicious, war-torn situation in Dubrovnik. What is even more remarkable is that she clings to the memory of a baby girl who would now be in her teens — if she is still alive at all — given the circumstances of her birth. Gina has re-created herself as the eye behind the little bookstore window in San Francisco, but the past is and shall be always with her. “

Washington Times — March 18

“A bold exploration of lives joined by history.”

A great review of Through the Bookstore Window by FOREWORD REVIEWS:

“Through the Bookstore Window is a bold exploration of lives joined by history. The story features Gina Perini, an exile in San Francisco, whose life as a bookstore manager covers a troubling past in Bosnia, and Alexi Wilder, an abused teenager trapped in Indiana. When Gina responds to Alexi’s need, a serpentine thriller unfolds as both women run from their demons. . . .

Through the Bookstore Window is an unusual, rewarding take on the nature of memory: how it haunts and heals, how single moments set the future in motion, and how it binds survivors together in ways they seldom expect.”

An Introduction to Gina

Meet the protagonist of Through the Bookstore Window in her own words:

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The Circle of Thirteen

How far do the ripples of violence go?  The Circle of Thirteen begins with a mindless act of family violence in 2008 and spans seven decades, finally culminating in the desperate effort by Julia Moro, the U.N. Security Director, to stop a major act of terror.  In this rich, textured thriller, Bill Petrocelli weaves the story around themes of poverty, political corruption, environmental disaster, and the backlash against the rising role of women.

Weaving back and forth in time, this gripping narrative illuminates the unbreakable bond between strong women, providing an emotionally grounded window into the future’s unforgettable history. This is a thrilling ride that will mesmerize until the end.

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Great Book Review!

Suspense Magazine says The Circle of Thirteen “offers an intriguing plot” that takes readers “on the ride of their lives.” …

Cheers to my top-ten authors, my top-tier team, The Circle of Thirteen fans – and a drink to celebrate the New Year

The Circle of Thirteen took flight in 2013, and there are lots of people to thank. Let’s start with an…

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Bill Petrocelli — Bio

Bill is the co-owner with his wife, Elaine, of the nationally known-bookstore Book Passage. Book Passage has three bookstores in California in Corte Madera, Sausalito, and at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

Bill attended Oakland Public Schools and is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and the U.C. Law School. In addition to several years in private practice, he served as a California Deputy Attorney General and as the head of a poverty law office in Oakland, California.

Bill served on the Board of the American Booksellers Association and as attorney for the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association, in which he successfully pursued a major price-discrimination suit against publishers. Recently, he was the plaintiff in a First Amendment case challenging a California law that threatened to interfere with the distribution of autographed books. The law was subsequently modified by the California Legislature.

He is a frequent advocate on women’s issues and on the problems of local businesses.

He is the author of four books.

  • Low Profile: How to Avoid the Privacy Invaders was published by McGraw Hill in 1980 and was one of the first books that talked about abuses of data collection by government and businesses and about the future implications of computerized record-keeping
  • Sexual Harassment on the Job: What it is and How to Stop it was co-authored by Barbara Kate Repa and published by Nolo Press in 1992. It was the first book published on the subject of stopping workplace harassment and sexual violence.
  • The Circle of Thirteen is a novel that was published in 2013 by Turner Publishing. The theme of the novel is the coming empowerment of women. Novelist Lisa See called it “a true celebration of women in the face of great odds.”
  • Through the Bookstore Window is a novel published in March 2018 by Rare Bird Books. Foreword Magazine calls it “an unusual, rewarding take on the nature of memory: how it haunts and heals, how single moments set the future in motion, and how it binds survivors together in ways they seldom expect.”


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