Bill Petrocelli

” a gripping tale about an enigmatic and fascinating woman”

Linda Watanabe McFerrin is a writer, editor, book reviewer, and the head of Left Coast Writers

For some years back in the late nineties and early 21st century I wrote a travel book review column (Bookings) for the San Francisco Sunday Examiner/Chronicle. In it I offered up short reviews of five or six of my favorite travel books for the month. I really miss that column, but I have no reason to miss the books. I have new favorites.

Through the Bookstore Window by Bill Petrocelli

Bookseller Bill Petrocelli’s new novel, Through the Bookstore Window, is a page-turner. Even if you are not, like me, among the book- and bookstore-obsessed, you’ll find plenty to wind you up in this gripping tale about an enigmatic and fascinating woman who is driven to outrun and outwit her tormentors and fix what is broken. Gina, the protagonist, is a feminist for a new era. Add a taut mix of the issues that keep most Americans up at night or shaken by the daily news—gun violence, child abuse, conspiracy, gender issues, war—and a series of shocking reveals, and you have an enthralling book that’s hard to put down. Quick shifts in time, place, point of view, and plot are athletic enough to keep pace with modern readers. No snoozing here.

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