Bill Petrocelli

The Circle of Thirteen

How far do the ripples of violence go?  The Circle of Thirteen begins with a mindless act of family violence in 2008 and spans seven decades, finally culminating in the desperate effort by Julia Moro, the U.N. Security Director, to stop a major act of terror.  In this rich, textured thriller, Bill Petrocelli weaves the story around themes of poverty, political corruption, environmental disaster, and the backlash against the rising role of women.

Weaving back and forth in time, this gripping narrative illuminates the unbreakable bond between strong women, providing an emotionally grounded window into the future’s unforgettable history. This is a thrilling ride that will mesmerize until the end.

Praise for The Circle of Thirteen

“The Circle of Thirteen is a true celebration of the power of women in the face of great odds.”Lisa See, author of China Dolls and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

“A remarkable tale . . . fascinating and provocative”John Lescroart, author of The Fall and The 13th Juror

“A unique and thoughtful thriller”Martin Cruz Smith, author Gorky Park and Tatiana

“A fantastic, futuristic view of the reality that we may already have created”Katherine Neville, author of The Fire and The Eight

“A wonderful, uplifting thriller full of strong and unforgettable women”Abraham Verghese, author of The Tennis Partner and Cutting for Stone

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Great Quotes about “The Circle of Thirteen”

The Circle of Thirteen has evoked many thoughtful quotes form other authors. Here are a few of them.

Video of Bill Petrocelli with Isabel Allende

When Isabel Allende volunteered to be in conversation with me for The Circle of Thirteen at Book Passage, I knew I was in for something special. I didn’t know how special until I heard one of the first sentences out of her mouth: “Who knew that Bill Petrocelli was a bigger feminist than Gloria Steinem!” Wow! (Did anyone ask Gloria Steinem how she feels about that?).

You can see it here:

Keeping Reality Out of the Way

The Circle of Thirteen is a work of future-fiction, and that presents some unique challenges.

The basic rules of character, tension, and pace are the same for any fictional thriller, but with future-fiction you have the problem of creating a world that is familiar enough to seem real but unfamiliar enough to create the feeling that it has not yet happened. The reader needs to be in a not-quite-comfortable place. This was a chance for my imagination to run – if not wild, at least at a controlled trot into the future.