Bill Petrocelli

Hold the Presses!

When a book suddenly becomes a major news story, local news stations often load up their mics and cameras and run to their local bookstore to see what the story feels like on the ground. That was the case with Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury when the news hit the fan on the first weekend in January. Both KPIX and KGO filmed segments at Book Passage and then ran them on the evening news. But when the photgrapher from Getty Images dropped by, we weren’t sure what he was doing until his photo started showing up in newspapers across the globe. It apparently ran all over the world with a nice captions saying that “it was displayed on a shelf at Book Passage.” We thought Kiev, Ukraine, was as far as it got, until the International Business Times announced that it had even run in North Korea.

Our favorite part of the photo was the setting. One of our staff members had the inspired idea of putting the books next to the display of the latest issue of Alta Magazine. This led to the wonderful scene of Senator Kamala Harris looking down sternly from the cover of the magazine at the picure of Donald Trump.