Bill Petrocelli

Publisher & Acknowledgments

Turner Publishing Co. is an award-winning, independent publisher of books. The company is in the top 101 independent publishing companies in the U.S. as compiled by and has been named three times to Publishers Weekly’s Fastest Growing Publishers List.

Turner publishes books in a wide range of categories and formats—fiction and non-fiction, regional and national. Turner has produced over 1,000 titles since 1984.

Turner books are distributed by Ingram Publisher Services (IPS).

My thanks to the team at Turner Publishing, including Mark Mandell, Laura Cusack, Lianna McMasters, Maxwell Roth, and Kym Whitley. A special thanks to Christina Roth, the editor who helped bring the book to completion; Diane Gedymin, who had the courage and vision to acquire the book; and Todd Bottorff, President of the compnay, who I’ve decided is one of the smartest publishers in the business.


I owe thanks to a big group of people at Book Passage, our bookstore, for their help and enthusiasm. They include Calvin Crosby, Leslie Berkler, Luisa Smith, Sam Barry, and Kathryn Petrocelli (who also happens to be my daughter!). And a special thank you goes to Karen West, Book Passage events director, who kept me going on the book during a difficult period. I received wonderful advice and support from Andy Ross, Carol Seajay, John Mutter, Jenn Risko, and Bridget Kinsella. Thanks also to Susan Griffin, who helped edit the book in its early stages, and to Elaine Markson, who gave the book an early push at a time when I needed it. And I also owe a huge debt of thanks to Carl Lennertz, who spent a great deal of time editing the book and giving me some wonderful publishing insight.

My agent, Lisa Gallagher, has been absolutely wonderful. If you have her as your agent (or friend), consider yourself lucky. Finally, I can’t say enough to thank my wife and muse, Elaine Petrocelli, who has believed in The Circle of Thirteen from the beginning. Without her love and inspiration, I would never have known that I could embark on such a journey.